To 1/2 Marathon or Not?

I have designated Saturday as my long run day. 
Wearing my happy tye dye shirt =)
Now, I'm currently not on a training plan, since I'm not signed up for any races.  But I'm thinking about doing the La Jolla 1/2 Marathon.  

Any So Cal runners ever do this/ are you signed up?  The website claims it's "one of America's most picturesque and challenging runs".  And it's a little intimidating because of the "challenging climb to the summit of Torrey Pines".  

Uh, I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with hills.  Emphasis on the hate.  

Since I'm contemplating this 1/2 marathon, I thought it would be appropriate to map out a run lots of hills...oh yea//ugh.

Pre run fuel: handful of these + 1/2 cup coffee
Then 5 miles of this

 It was gorgeous out.  Too bad these pics can't convey it!
 Love the mountain in the background.  

I forgot my watch in the car, so I took along my clunky cell phone so I could see what time I started and what time I ended.  Real high tech, I know.  Since I had it, I figured I'd snap some pics.
These signs are funny looking.  We get the point!

When I got home I got my day 4 Shred on.  Last day of Level 1!  I'm getting bored with it, so I muted the TV and put on some pandora radio. Ohhhh yea!

After all that activity I was starved.  So I made the fastest lunch I could think of.
Couldn't wait to take a bite!
And then I finally used my mystery gift. Any guesses?



Thanks Mom, Alli, & Matthew<3

I spent the rest of my day cleaning, juicing, & cooking.
Quinoa/Millet cooked in veggie broth
meatless meatloaf

Would you sign up for this 1/2 marathon?  I'm on the fence!

Do you incorporate hills into your training?  Only outdoors.  I don't think I could handle running on an incline on the treadmill.


  1. ah i'm so jealous of how sunny it is in California.

    Go for the half marathon. I like to encourage people to sign up for silly crazy things like I do. I just know the sense of accomplishment i'll feel and the high i'll get will make it all worth while!

  2. You should totally go for it!

    Your PB and J looks amazing by the way! I think I found someone who smothers as much peanut butter on as I do!

  3. When it comes to peanut butter...go big or go home ;)

    And I'm gonna sign up for it! Half the fun is the challenge.

  4. I'm on the fence about the LJ half too! I am scared of that hill.

  5. I've admitted to myself that I will not PR at this race, but I will do it as a challenge to myself.

    So I say, DO IT :)