After my stressful week, I was d r e a d i n g going to work on Friday.

Dragged myself out of bed to get in The Shred: Day 10.

I made sure to have chocolatey oatmeal to try and put me in a better mood. 

And packed a nutritious lunch, along with some snacks.

But there was nothing to worry about.  Friday turned out to be lovely.

It was puzzle day, so the kids brought in puzzles to work on. Ahhh, lovely.

We celebrated  Valentine's Day, so there were lots of goodies.
heart shaped muffins
pink, red, and silver kisses saying "eat me!!!"
so. good.

I got some sweets to take home too!
 Shane's Vday gift from me...I mean my students ;)

I love all my princess Valentine's!

And my partner in the afternoon was back so it wasn't me and a sub.  Sooo much less stress.

And to make it even more lovely...it's a 3 day weekend!

And Shane and I watch Jersey Shore on Friday night! 

And we had a light, quick, easy to eat while you sit on the floor and watch tv kind of dinner.
Plus some candy for desert!!

How lovely<3


  1. Ah I miss celebrating valentine's day in school, kid valentines are the best!

  2. They were all sooo excited and totally adorable about it. And then after nap they had cupcakes and cookies...sugar highhhhh!