The Shred: Day 2

Hello!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday =) 

Started off with a quick trip to the gym, followed by lemon tea and these bad boys.
2 1/2 whole wheat pancakes topped with PB and 1/2 banana
 I love when I have delicious breakfast left overs from the weekend.  The most I "cook" on a weekday morning is to microwave my oats, I'd relax around and read your blogs!

Lunch was a little crazy today, as it was our Italian potluck for all the January birthdays.  I had a small, okay medium, piece of veggie lasagna and 1/2 roll.  

I also had a cup of coke zero.  Let me just preface this by saying I never buy soda for myself, and when Shane does buy it I'll sneak a sip here and there.  Now today I had a whole cup, and it made me burpy.  Woops.  One just slipped out and my co-workers called me out on it!  I thought it was quiet...guess not.

And for desert, I had this awesome yet simple pie.  Graham cracker crust, vanilla pudding filling, and chocolate top.  Perfect!

*Didn't want to be a weirdo taking pictures of my food, sorry for no pics!*

When I got home at 6:30 I ran to get changed and did The Shred.  I really have wimpy arms!  And the stair climber this morning did not make those squats any easier ;)
After picking up Shane at 7 I was starved.

  • roasted sweet potatoes with lots of ketchup
  •  quinoa and millet
  • curried carrot soup
You need to make this soup, I'll make sure to post the recipe.  I made it a while ago, froze some, and busted it out this week.  I've been having such a better time with dinner, especially after I posted about my dinner dilemma. 

It's really helpful to make big batches of things on Sunday and just use them throughout the week.

Now I need to go lay on the couch!  Night!
Question: Do you take pictures of your food in public places?  Do you feel awkward? Do I just need to get over it?


  1. mmm your breakfast sounds good, my favorite is spelt english muffin with peanut butter, banana, and honey.

  2. I've never tried anything with spelt...that sounds yummy