Thank You Very Much

Thank you.  ThankYouVeryMuch.

One of the many Elvis impersonators I saw at the San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon
Can I show you something so silly?  

I Googled Elvis, and there is an eHow.com article on how to impersonate him.

"Drop your voice and say the phrase "thank you very much" until you nail it perfectly."
 I can't make this up.

But seriously, thankyouverymuch to Allie over at The Nutty FlexitALLIEan for giving me The Stylish Blogger Award!

Now that I've been tagged, I get to share 7 random things about myself.  Here it goes!

1.  I am the oldest of 4 siblings.  Alli is 19 months younger than me.  Nick is 18 and our little Matthew is only 8!  I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful sister and 2 awesome brothers.  I love how close Alli and I are in age, although in high school we fought daily over important things, like clothes.  But after I went away to college, we became closer.  Eventually she joined me at Rowan and then the sorority I was in! 

2.  I'm an equestrian.  Well, for 6 years I took lessons riding horses and competing in horse shows.  It's an expensive sport, and I can't wait for the day when I can begin riding again.

3. I graduated from a college in May 2008 with 2 degrees in Early Childhood Education and American Studies.  I taught Pre-Kindergarten at a daycare for one year 08-09 and then began substitute teaching in the NJ public school system for another year 09-10.  Right now I am an assistant at a private school in CA.  I hope to someday soon be in my own classroom again.

4. I am very proud of my Italian heritage.  My dad literally came over to America on a boat when he was in first grade.  My Nonna, his mom. is your typical tiny Italian woman with a thick accent who loves to cook for everyone who walk in her door.  I love my big Italian family.  When we get together it's loud and there are lots of hand movements; and I love every minute of it.  Two of my life goals are to learn to speak Italian and get my dual citizenship in Italy.  I can do that since my Dad is still an Italian citizen, woot!

5. I once peed my pants from laughing so hard.  There may have been alcohol involved. 

6. Growing up I wanted to be an archeologist, focusing on Egypt and a paleontologist.  In elementary school I read countless books on both these subjects.  For Christmas, along with more 'normal' presents, my Mom and Dad would buy me fossils from museum stores to add to my very own fossil collection, which took up shelves above my dresser.  NERD ALERT.

7. I am a total cat person.  Although dogs can be cute, I'd take a cat over a dog any day.  I have 2 cats, Princess and Daisy who I adore.  I just can't do dog kisses, it grosses me out!  And they always want to give them!

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