Palm Trees are Pretty

and so are you :)

One of my girlfriends sent out an email and mentioned how inspired she was by Operation Beautiful. Although I have never found a Post-it, I've heard of it and now want to participate!  If you haven't already, go check it out.  New goal: post 3 post-it's this week! 

Today was a pretty great day.  Since Shane and I share our car, Shane gets it on the weekends since I get it everyday to drive to work.  Well, he was sweet enough to let me have it today, even though he hardly ever gets to drive!

So I got to go here:

Larinna over at i heart spandex told me about an open house at The Sporting Club in La Jolla.  Since I dropped Shane off at work, I didn't make it there until 11.  Although I missed Body Pump, oh mannn, I tried TRX for the first time.  The class also incorporated moves on the bosu ball.  My favorite! 
Seriously, my gym in college had an awesome bosu class and there was a group of us who went every week and were obsessed!

Anywho, after the gym I drove a few minutes down the road to La Jolla Cove.  I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee but she couldn't make it.  So I decided on an impromptu run!  I was already in gym clothes, so I grabbed my car key, cell phone, and water bottle and got running!

There were lots of people walking, and since I had already been to the gym  I took it easy.  I soaked up the sun and admired the gorgeous view.  Look at those palm trees!

 Super sweaty. Awesome.

When I got home I was sooo hungry. I had a pear, pita, hummus, and potato chips.  Just a little FYI, we still hadn't gone food shopping! 

So I solved the problem, with a shower and a trip to Henry's.
I <3 leggings. Comfort + cuteness!
And I threw on a cardigan last minute, because grocery stores are chilly!
These are so good, but at $6 for one small bag, I can't justify buying them.  Plus, I read the ingredients and I think I can recreate them! 
Food Network apron from Alli, when she interned at FN Mag in NYC.  Best sis ever!
When I got home I threw on my apron with the intent of making Shane a dinner he'd be sure to love.  Well I started dinner, but couldn't finish before Shane got home.  That's okay because the recipe says you can prep it and finish the next day, phew!
So instead we went out for Vietnamese at Pho SuperBowl & Tea Station  in La Mesa.  We love Pho and go a lot.  It's healthy, inexpensive and I can get 2 meals out of one bowl.  Plus, they stole my boy band playlist from 8th grade.  I'm talking BSB and NSYNC.  That's a plus in my book ;)
My usual: tofu & broccoli + sprouts.  And then add Siracha for a kick.
Time to cleanse the palette
Now me, Princess, Daisy, and Shane are snuggled on the couch watching Meet the Parents.  

Question: I have nipples Greg.  Can you milk me?  
Hah, that will never get old!

For Real Question: Seen any good movies lately?
Shane and I have a knack for searching for a new movie we both haven't seen, and ending up with old faves that we've seen a bunch of times!  We have Netflix, help me pick some good ones!!


  1. 'Just Go With It' was pretty funny if you're looking for a night out. Netflick wise? I watched 'The Social Network' last weekend and it was pretty interesting. I need to watch more movies because that's all I got!

    What a gorgeous day for a run! You look so cute in your leggings and tank top - I am officially jealous and want summer to be here now!

  2. MAN do I want that beach right now! lol

    I'm catching up with the Oscar's movies before the awards... really awesome list this year! :)

  3. I always see previews for movies and tell myself, I reallyyy want to see this. Then I just forget, like with The Social Network. I need to add that to my queue asap!

    And good idea, I'm gonna check out the Oscar movies.


  4. I just read about Operation Beautiful last week, and I was planning on putting up some post-its at the gym today. Except that I didn't go today because I got the schedule messed up. Oops. I'm going to join you on your personal challenge and put up 3 post-its this week.

    I'm so jealous of your sun and the fact that you can wear flip-flops in February.

    If you have seen 500 Days of Summer, I highly recommend it!

  5. Officially adding your blog to my favs! :)

    I wore leggings today for my run... It was extremely hot and I should have worn shorts, but I don't quite like running with shorts, basically because my knees keep touching each other and it annoys me lol. Weirdness...

    Thanks for the hint on my first race! I'm so excited that I dreamed about it (it was more like a nightmare...).

    And who doesn't love chocolate? I just had some more today lol. Can't help it! d:

  6. No worries that's not too weird ;) I'm not a fan of shorts either unless it's super hot.

    And thanks! I'm glad I stopped over at your blog, I can't wait to hear more about your training!

  7. I'm so jealous of your weather. It rained all saturday in seattle. Looks awesome!