Sugar Overload

Remember last week when I was stressed to the max and then I got sick?  Well this past week I felt like I had my energy zapped out of me.  I was out of my workout routine and was totally off with my eating.  

Who wants to eat veggies when there are homemade VDay "Reese's Cups" in the freezer?

This past week was one bad decision after another eating wise.  A little bit of this, and a little bite of that.  One reese's cup...okay maybe 3.  

I Googled "too much sugar" and the first article that popped up is a doozy from Time, Too Much Sugar Increases Heart Risks.  

We all know too much sugar isn't good for us.  Not only can too much sugar increase our jean size, turns out too much added sugar, 

"can also lead to dangerously high levels of blood fats, and raise the risk of heart disease as much as a diet full of high-fat foods...Fructose *think high fructose corn syrup* can prompt the liver to generate more cholesterol and metabolize triglycerides from sugar in the diet, as well as slow down the clearance of fats from the blood".  

Scary stuff.

No wonder I feel terrible after eating too many sugary treats.   I've seen a lot of bloggers go on sugar detoxes, but I don't think I can commit to that.  However, I can commit to being more aware of my sugar consumption.  Being mindful of the types of sugar I put in my body. And asking how will that make me feel?

To counteract all the sugar I've eaten this week and all the sugary treats on my blog, I will share a delicious and satisfying soup with you.  I've always been a bit wary of cooking with curry, but when I made an impulse purchase of curry powder at TJ's, not unusual, I found this simple curried soup and just had to try it.

Curried Carrot Soup
1 onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2 stalks celery, chopped
  • In a large soup pot, saute in 2 TBSP olive oil until soft.
2 lb carrots (or you can use sweet potato), chopped
6 cups veggie broth
2 tsp curry powder
  • Add to pot and bring to a boil.  
  • Simmer until carrots are tender, about 20 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and cool slightly.
  • Puree.  I used a regular blender.
1 tsp lemon juice 
salt and pepper to taste

  • Add and stir well.
  • Serve with a dollop of yogurt or garnish with cilantro leaves.



  1. I know the feelings of sugar overload. I think I've been pretty bad about it over this last weekend... oops...

    But it's ok, because as soon as that happens, it seems I also crave salads like none other. (It's weird, but I don't question it!)

  2. After my no sugar month I am thankfully back on track with the sugar consumption, but it really is difficult with all the temptation everywhere! I now just try to REALLY enjoy my sugar if I do eat some, as opposed to the mindless eating. I had a brownie sundae from my favorite ice cream place on Saturday, and the lack of sugar for so long helped me eat only half of the one-scoop sundae instead of wanting to devour the whole thing :P

  3. ooo that soup looks really good yum!