Fashionably Late

I'm only a whole day late to the WIAW party.  I like to make an entrance, what can I say?

Wednesday started out with a great 9 mile run.  I wasn't really planning on it since I had just done 9 on Monday, however I switched it up from my usual music to podcasts.  And this podcast got me going; I had frustration and anger pulsing through my body.  I felt that I had to keep running or I wouldn't know what to do with all the emotions. Tears mingled with sweat streaked my face.  Mazzy's story, along with countless other hens, filled my heart with sorrow.

I've listened to many podcasts on these topics, however this is a beautifully written narrative of one woman's experience visiting two "free-range" egg facilities that I feel I should share.  You can check it out here if you'd like.  For more podcasts you can visit Vegetarian Food For Thought**I'm not trying to convert people to be vegetarian or vegan, however I feel it is important for all of us to hear the information that is out there and to make educated decisions about our own food choices**

After my run I was drained, and the only thing I wanted was a cold, filling, breakfast smoothie.

 After bfast it was time to say goodbye to Natalie's butterflies!

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I spent a good portion of my morning hooked on TLC.  How can I resist A Baby Story and Four Weddings?  It's almost impossible I tell ya!

Lunch was quite delicious.

  1/2 cup bulgar with cilantro/black bean pesto
1/2 cucumber
chick peas
black beans
nooch sprinkled on top

After a very productive morning (I wish) I headed to work, and brought along this delicious bar since I knew I'd be ravenous on my way home.

Is that bar from England?  Why yes it is!  I'll do a full post on all the goodies I received in the Foodie Blog Swap with Freya tomorrow!

I can't stand to waste food, and the other night Shane and his parents got Chinese take-out, and there was a lot of white rice in the fridge.  So I used it! 

Ate a handful of these while prepping din.  Then it was finally ready!!

white rice
baked tofu and zucchini, marinated in this:

nom, nom, nom

Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday, and uh, Thursday!  


First Gang Wedding!

I was so excited for the first wedding of my group of high school besties that I took an extra long time to get ready ::wink::  And before an evening out we always need to get a pre-event picture (my rule, not Shane's)!  Even if it means we're gonna cut it close....

Thankfully we made it to the church on time and...

Johanna and Scott are officially

Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Beautiful bridesmaids!

After the church we had a few hours to kill before cocktail hour.

Enter chocolate whipped cream in the hotel room...oh yes we did.

Cocktail hour food was super duper yummy with plenty of non-animal options!

It was an absolute blasty blast

Thank you Jo and Scott for a fabulous evening of celebrating your MARRIAGE!!!


Gang Style

Do you remember Spirit Week?  You know what I'm talking about.  Monday was Crazy Hat Day, Tuesday was Silly Hair Day, and one of those days was Twin Day!

Well way back in high school my BFF group of friends dressed up for Twin Day.  Our shirts read:

Gang Style,
we're not a clique...
we're a SNAP!

Well the gang, as we refer to ourselves, is all grown up...and Johanna is getting married today!  She's the first of the gang, and we celebrated her bachelorette a couple weekends ago. 

We got all dolled up in Hoboken.

Enjoyed dinner and drinks at Essex in NYC.

Then headed to Libation to party the night away.

Congrats Johanna & Scott!



I was being such a bum this morning!  I woke up around 8, made some coffee, got my laptop, crawled into bed and proceeded to Facebook stalk, catch up on Twitter, read some bloggies, and chat with one of my BBF's on AIM.  And let's not forget the snuggling!

As the minutes ticked away, I could feel my motivation slowly slinking away.  I always find that after I've been sick and therefore haven't ran in a few days, that first run back is always the hardest to start. 
Around 10 I realized I wasn't doing myself any favors and proceeded to step away from the addicting little piece of machinery that is a laptop, and got myself geared up.  There were no excuses to not run today.

 true story.

I got in 4 miles at a 9:45 pace... pretty good for me!  Followed up by 20 minutes of yoga.  I was so hungry since my laziness also meant that I did not fuel properly this morning!

Enter the best smoothie ever!  I've seen other bloggers put oats into their breakfast smoothies but I always forget!  Before my run I had put 1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk in the fridge to soak.  Since my body was craving a smoothie I realized I could finally try the oats in a smoothie!


handful spinach
Chocolate Amazing Grass
1 frozen banana in chunks
 1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk: 
you want the milk soaked in, so leave it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes
1 cup cold coffee
Pretty good stats for breakfast.  And if you're unfamiliar with Amazing Grass...it's amazing!  It includes real, organic, super food ingredients such as spirulina, alfalfa, wheat grass, and acai in a powder with yummy flavors like chocolate and orange dreamsicle.  You can find it at Whole Foods and at most health food stores.

Ahem, I know what you're thinking.  I said amazing, not pretty...

I did some cleaning/organizing and then met up with the BFF from this mornings chat sesh.  Allison and I did are usual Dunkin Date and of course I was strange and brought my own milk in a little container since DD sadly does not carry dairy milk alternatives.

Our usual corner so we can chat endlessly about whateves

On my way home I stopped for some more bananas to freeze, and I picked up the ingredients for Mama Pea's mmmm sauceDinner was so good thanks to this simple sauce!

Ahhh one of my good friends from high school, Johanna, is getting married tomorrow.  She's the first of our "gang" and I'm pumped!  Gotta get some sleep now!

Peace out cub scouts :p


Legit Zucchini Craving

Gosh!  If you didn't think I was strange you do now!  Who craves zucchini?  I can see cinnamon rolls.  And creme brulee cupcakes from CUPS.  Maybe even a big ole smoothie after a run or on a hot day.  But the plain old peel, chop, then eat variety of zucchini?

  Ahhhh ::cue angels singing::

I've never been a zucchini girl. 

  But I am a born and raised Jersey Girl; which means I have fond memories of husking sweet Jersey corn out on the back porch, I will randomly stop at a roadside farm because their nectarines  look oh so juicy, and for years I claimed to only like tomatoes that came from my Mom's garden or had the Jersey Fresh stamp of approval.  But zucchini?  Puh-lease.  I have better veggies to eat.  Until now.

 A few weeks ago I randomly bought zucchini at the grocery store.  They were dirt cheap, and therefore I bought them.  After doing some research, since I'm really not a zucchini girl and lack basic knowledge of zucchini preparation, I sauteed some up, and it was a delish meal.  

I also left a few aside, did some peeling, chopping, and ahhhh  ::cue those angels again::.

So simple.  So refreshing.  So perfect!  And that is why I've been craving zucchini non-stop!

Today I had to go fill out new hire paperwork for my new part-time job,,,at a gym!  I had to go to their other location down by where I went to college.  On the way home, after stopping for Dunkin', of course...

I saw this.  Only a mile down the road?  I'm in!  And they better have zucchini...

 Thankfully they did.  For the sake of everyone involved.  I also picked up some:

swiss chard
green beans

All for $5.55!

Although I've been on a raw zucchini kick, there are some recipes from around the blogosphere that I am dying to try!  Check em out:

What food have you been craving lately? 

Are you going to get your butt in the kitchen and get going on these zucchini recipes or what?!