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Hi there blog-a-boos!  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!  I've been taking pictures of my eats all day (minus one banana; I was ravenous and needed it at that moment!), so stay tuned for my very first What I Ate Wednesday, otherwise known as WIAW!
Shane and I have been keeping pretty busy here in NJ.  I'll give you a quick recap...in a nutshell! Over this past couple weeks Shane has been working all over the tri-state area, training for his new job and I've been applying like crazy for a teaching job in the fall/summer employment.

Since I can't apply to jobs all day, I've been walking to the lake that is literally right around the corner. 

This picture was taken on my first visit to the lake.  Quiet, serene, peaceful.

 Today however there was an abundance of teenage boys, I think because a lot of the schools had 1/2 days due to the extremely hot temperatures.  Oh joy.

 Although a lake beach is not my first choice, I feel very lucky to have the option!

A few days ago I took Shane's niece, Natalie, to the lake.  Of course that meant I had to go in deeper than my knees.  I kept on my flip flops and slowly made my way in.  Can you tell I'm not into the whole swimming in lakes?  They sort of gross me out, but I'm getting better!

The next step is to buy water shoes that don't fall off.  And dunking my head under the water.  Then if I'm really brave, practice open water swimming since I MIGHT be doing a sprint distance triathlon at the end of the summer.
Oh I didn't tell you?  That's because I'm not officially signed up, don't have a bike, and have a fear of swimming in bodies of water besides pools.  Hm, I have the desire but don't know if I will actually go through with it this summer.

I've also been RUNNING in my new neighborhood.  With no job I've been waking up sort of early, and only because I need to beat the heat.

My runs have not been stellar lately.  I just can't seem to get myself out of this funk.  I think it's a combination of lower motivation, not used to heat/humidity, and my muscles have been tight lately!  So I've been doing some yoga in my makeshift yoga studio ;)  

There's been some trivia nights.  Our team lost.  And I can't say the name of the team since a bunch of 12 (I mean 25) year old boys thought it would be funny to prank the announcer with a very dirty name when pronounced. 
But my outfit was a win; cute right?  Classy bathroom shot, SkinnyRunner style.

And there's been softball!  Shane and I are on a co-ed softball league.  We signed up while we were still in San Diego and so we missed 3 games, but I'm glad we've started up!

 I haven't played softball since gym in high school.  I kid you not.  It's just not my thang.  But I'm having so much fun!

I've actually been making contact with the ball, getting on bases, and even scored a run last night!

Shane's not trying to ruin the picture, he's only saying hi!

Have a fabulous night, my sweet potatoes are about ready to come out of the oven.

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