It's the Most Wonderful Time of the...


Hello there!  Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday!  I know my morning was a little brighter when I realized it was WIAW timeWell minus the fact that I thought I got rid of my weird mid-June cold yesterday, but it was back this morning!  Luckily not as sneezy, runny, or sore; just bad enough that a run was out of the question today.  Darn!!

This morning started off with hot oatmeal.  I know, c-razzy!  

1/2 cup oats
lots o' raspberries
big bunch o' blubes
Whole Foods bulk bin granola
dash of So Delicious vanilla coconut milk <~~ new obsession

Dontcha just love the piggy mug?  And that's an engraving on a wood counter of Scarlett, one of Shane's parents bloodhounds.

Seriously this milk is so delicious!

On Monday, when I thought I could "sweat out" my cold, I ended up with achy lungs and the faucet aka my nose, got turned up to full blast. Ick!  So as much as I wanted to get a run in this morning, I listened to my lungs and passed.  But I didn't take a total rest day like I did yesterday.
Today's workout was quick and easy thanks to ExerciseTV.com!  Free yoga video, don't mind if I do!  After 30 minutes I felt much better than if I had done nothing, and my brain was ready for applications.  A whole bunch of apps later I was starved.

THIS happened again.  I can't get enough of this stuff!

swiss chard 
TJ's broccoli slaw <~~ incredible
dry roasted peanuts

Since my salad was legit in a big plastic tupperware bowl, I decided to put some on a TJ's wrap.  To the wrap I added some hot & sweet mustard.  Very satisfying lunch!

Got my drinks ready to go for errands!  Icy cold water (never leave home without it!) and the rest of my coffee from this morning, iced.

After running to the post office, and basically getting made fun of for being a forgetful, frazzled, albeit cutely dressed mess...but that's another story, I returned home to get some organizing done.  And of course had a little afternoon snacky snack.

Took this lovely picture on the ironing board, and didn't get any ironing done!  Instead I last minute went to the gym with my friend Dani as her guest!  Since I only did 30 minutes of yoga this morning, I figured some weights couldn't hurt.  Plus I needed some girl time!

Speaking of girl time, when I got home me and Natalie, Shane's niece, played with Lincoln Logs!  Do you like our building?  It's not very architecturally sound and could collapse at any moment...

Luckily we made it to dinner unscathed, but it was close!

Dinner included:
3 slices of tofu marinated in TJ's Island Soyaki Sauce
bulgur, steamed kale and chick peas

I used this recipe from Whole Foods as a guide, but mine ended up a bit bland, most likely because I don't have any/didn't feel like balsamic vinegar.  For tomorrow I need to concoct some sort of sauce to add! 

I tried this marinade for the first time tonight.  Go marinate something in this sauce NOW!  I'm not even kidding, it's delicious!

It's 8:30 and I'll prob have another little snack before bed, 
but it probs won't be picture worthy, so...


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