Back in NJ and it Feels So {sweaty}

Wowzers, it's been a minute!  Last time I blogged we were ending our year long adventure in San Diego and in the midst of packing up and returning to good old New Jersey.

I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone whose ever moved before that it's no fun packing up all your belongings and trying to make meals out of what little remains in your cabinets.

The movers came, and our all of our stuff, save 2 checked bags, began the long trip to NJ.  Since the 25th, Shane and I have each been living out of a suit case.  Ah!  

My good friend Kerry gave us this bottle of champagne before we left, so I found it fitting to pop it open and celebrate our year long adventure in SoCal.

 Shane needs to get over my picture taking!!!

Our last night in San Diego we were pretty classy.  I had the some broccoli and tofu, Shane had a Trader Joe meal and we enjoyed our bubbly in plastic cups.  We had actual sliverware/plates since we decided to donate them and eventually get a newer more grown up set in NJ.

Princess and Daisy did not enjoy being in their carriers, and the drive to the airport was the worst (constant sad meowing and pitiful looks) but once we set them down they were quiet and actually got some naps in.

To be quite honest I was really upset and depressed about leaving and so I did not have the motivation to take more pictures.  I know this sounds funny, but the San Diego Airport is beautiful and seriously nice and now I'm mad I didn't document it!  We passed the time waiting by playing online/computer games, which Shane kicked my butt every time!

Our flight didn't depart until 10:10 pm, so we were tired and slept most of the ride.  When we arrived at the Philadelphia airport around 7 in the morning we were greeted by a blanket of wet humidity.  For real, go live for a year in 0% humidity and then go to the east coast during the summer.  SHOCKER!

Ah, what a mess!  Those are just boxes that were previously there; we're still living out of one suitcase each.  But if you follow me on twitter (@healthy_cupcake) you'll know our stuff should be arriving within the hour!

Our room looks a little better now, but we need our stuff!

And the cats are adjusting way better than their last airplane ride.  They were mad at us for days, but this time they're eating, drinking, and being affectionate; thank goodness.

I think I hear the truck. 

More updates for another post :)

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