**Edit: I have a tendency to upload pictures, start a post, then not finish.  I just found this one.  For those of you in San Diego or visiting San Diego, I can't let this post go unpublished.  This place is absolutely uh-mazing.  You'll thank me later!  And if you DO  happen to visit, let me know!  I'll live vicariously through your cupcake choice :)  End edit**

This is La Jolla.

 It has seagulls

and seals

and bushy tailed squirrels.

And did I mention the view?

It is also home to Cups

Cups is a fabulous little cupcakery located in the heart of downtown La Jolla.

La Jolla itself is a gorgeous town and very dog friendly.  Notice the water stand for thirsty little pups who walk by?

My first Cups experience came when some NJ friends came out to visit in October.  Danielle, in the middle, is a cake baker/decorator extraordinaire, and wanted to hit up a few west coast bakeries (and that's Chrissy on the end!).  We just happened to see a Cups truck driving around La Jolla as we were looking for parking, someone got out a smart phone, and the rest is history! 

It's an intimate space, a booth with a couple tables runs along one wall and there is also additional seating outside as well as at the "bar" that looks outside (2 pictures above).

Every time I go went into La Jolla I would stop at Cups.  True story, I would drive 30 minutes to do some longer runs along the La Jolla coast line, and park downtown so I could grab a cupcake afterwards!

The flavor combinations are absolutely amazing!  Think Churros & Chocolate, or Brulee J (one of my faves!). And they're always changing since they use fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients.  I like to get a few mini cupcakes so I can try a bunch of flavors!  Not only do they use organic ingredients, they also have vegan and gluten free cupcakes, which are just as good as the "normal" ones.

I'm bummed I didn't get the chance, but they hold a variety of cooking/baking classes like "Fun with Fondant" and "Farm to Table".  I just noticed on the website a class entitled "Intro to Raw Vegan Food", I want to go!!!

Check out the milk jug wall!

So if you're ever lucky enough to visit San Diego, or you live there, make sure to stop by Cups in La Jolla!  And ship me a cupcake, or two, back...please?!

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