Legit Zucchini Craving

Gosh!  If you didn't think I was strange you do now!  Who craves zucchini?  I can see cinnamon rolls.  And creme brulee cupcakes from CUPS.  Maybe even a big ole smoothie after a run or on a hot day.  But the plain old peel, chop, then eat variety of zucchini?

  Ahhhh ::cue angels singing::

I've never been a zucchini girl. 

  But I am a born and raised Jersey Girl; which means I have fond memories of husking sweet Jersey corn out on the back porch, I will randomly stop at a roadside farm because their nectarines  look oh so juicy, and for years I claimed to only like tomatoes that came from my Mom's garden or had the Jersey Fresh stamp of approval.  But zucchini?  Puh-lease.  I have better veggies to eat.  Until now.

 A few weeks ago I randomly bought zucchini at the grocery store.  They were dirt cheap, and therefore I bought them.  After doing some research, since I'm really not a zucchini girl and lack basic knowledge of zucchini preparation, I sauteed some up, and it was a delish meal.  

I also left a few aside, did some peeling, chopping, and ahhhh  ::cue those angels again::.

So simple.  So refreshing.  So perfect!  And that is why I've been craving zucchini non-stop!

Today I had to go fill out new hire paperwork for my new part-time job,,,at a gym!  I had to go to their other location down by where I went to college.  On the way home, after stopping for Dunkin', of course...

I saw this.  Only a mile down the road?  I'm in!  And they better have zucchini...

 Thankfully they did.  For the sake of everyone involved.  I also picked up some:

swiss chard
green beans

All for $5.55!

Although I've been on a raw zucchini kick, there are some recipes from around the blogosphere that I am dying to try!  Check em out:

What food have you been craving lately? 

Are you going to get your butt in the kitchen and get going on these zucchini recipes or what?! 

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