Shoo Shoo Shakin', Sha Shakin' Up

Who remembers Rooney?

Rooney brings me back to the days when The O.C., first season of course, was on.  What happened Marissa....what went so wrong?

I don't know if they ever made any other CD's, but their songs still randomly pop up in my iTunes playlist.  And I get a little happy every time they do.  But besides that, I have nothing to add to the Rooney conversation, so let's switch gears and talk about...
The Shake Weight!!!!
I'm totally just kidding.  Please still be my friend and continue to read.  I promise I will stop being so random...in this post.

Let's for real, talk about smoothies, or shakes, or whatever you'd like to call them!

I'm having a love affair with smoothies for breakfast.

It all started when I had a huge stalk of organic broccoli left over from dinner.  I ate all the florets, but I felt a little guilty tossing the (expensive) stalk out. 

So I juiced it, along with a carrot, 1/2 lemon, and beet.

Ew, extra vegetable-y juice.  But added to a smoothie it was perfection.

Smoothie #1
handful spinach
1 tbsp chia seeds + 1 tbsp flax meal
1 frozen banana
frozen bluberries and rasperries
add juice & blend away!

Smoothie #2 juice items
This produced 10 oz of juice
With the weather warming up, these have been a refreshing, nutrient packed way to start the morning.  Especially after a workout!

However, there are a few downsides.  Make sure to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with you if your fruit have seeds in them!  Or if you're weird and like to juice extremely bright beets.

And it takes about a 1/2 hour, including veggie prep and washing the juicer and blender.  But that's fine by me!  I'm adjusting my morning routine to fit them in because they're just that great!!


  1. Nice! I drink smoothies for breakfast every day, love how you're making your own juice to use. Suddenly I need a juicer! :D

  2. Aaaahhhh Rooney... what happened to them?!?!

  3. Juicers are totally awesome!!!

    Rooney fell off the face of the earth...I don't think they had any other albums.

  4. I actually eat the broccoli stems, I would feel horrible throwing them out! I really want a juicer though.

  5. ahahaha, I laughed out loud at the shake weight. Gotta get me one of those...

  6. it's been so cold here I got away from smoothies and juicing for awhile- but this looks delish! I'm heading to a juice bar now :-)