Runners High

As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't always been the rock star runner I am now. Wink wink.  

Running for me started in college, on the treadmill, as a way to burn off the late night partying calories.  Doesn't sound like fun, and wasn't fun.  Sure, I felt satisfaction after a good calorie blasting, but that was the purpose of running for me.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Throughout college I was an avid gym go-er, not only sweating it out on treadmill but also took full advantage of the sweet classes the Rec Center offered.  And in there I threw in some outdoor running, but it was just too hard.  

Fast forward to Spring 2009.  I was almost at the end of my first year out of college, teaching Pre-Kindergarten.  A couple of my high school friends thought it might be a fun challenge to sign up for the Belmar 5 Mile Run in July.  I was up to the challenge.

So I started running everyday at a park right next to my school.  By July I thought I was ready, but then again I wasn't sure since I had guesstimated my training runs.  I hoped I could run 5 miles!

We had awesome tye-dye shirts and totally rocked our first race!  It was a hot July day, but as I ran through Belmar I felt completely happy.  People were out on their porches cheering, spraying hoses, and even blasting some Bon Jovi (sooo Jersey).  As I saw the finish line I gave it all I got and finished in 50:39:01.  And then I experienced it.  Runner's high. And from then on

I was hooked.

Running crew + awesome cheerleaders
Giddy with excitement I began plotting my next race.  Half marathon?  No sweat.

After my runners high wore off I began to question my choice and my sanity.  But I knew I needed to see what I was made of.  Through running I discovered a competitive streak.  Not competitive in the sense of playing a sport and beating an opponent; I was competing with myself and loving every minute. 

The rest of the summer I spent training, and of course partying like a guidette with my bff's at the Jersey Shore ;)  

I had no idea how to start training, so I did a lot of researching online.  And luckily for me, Shane is a cross country runner, so he took me to a running store where I had my gait analyzed and got my first real pair of running shoes.  And a watch; no more cell phone stopwatch!

Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon Day!
 I did it!!! 2:05:31

After 13.1 there's only one place left to go...

In January I signed up for the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon with Team in Training.  From January to June I was a busy bee.  
I raised over $2,900 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  One of the events in April included a 5k.

In May I ran the Broad Street Run, a 10 miler, in Philly with some awesome-sauce runners!  In May Shane and I also finalized our plans to move to San Diego...the weekend of the marathon!  It's amazing how life works.

I achieved my goal of running under 5 hours, just barely, at 4:58:47.  After the race I was delirious, proud, and sore!

Since the marathon I took a hiatus from running.  I was burnt out from training and found other ways to keep active.  

But now I have the running bug again.  

 Today I completed my first mud run 5k! Soooo much fun!

And I'm signed up for this doozy on April 17th! 

Stay tuned for more running adventures :)


  1. You are brave for signing up for the LJ half! I am not a race runner but some of my friends have said that course is the hardest they've ever ran. Also that mud run post you put up - looks awesome!! :)

  2. Wow that's so awesome. Thanks for sharing your running story. I'm just starting out on mine, but got hooked after running my first 5k in january and now i'm off training for a half marathon in June. sometimes I think i'm crazy, but i love seeing how far i can push myself