Banana Envy

So I'm pretty sure I'm not the only runner out there who has certain race day and even long run training day routines that you just. don't. mess. with.

Help a sista out.  Tell me I'm not totally crazy.  
For real,  just keep reading and then tell me...

My story begins in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, if you need to brush up on your geography.

To be more exact, a freezing cold, pitch black,  November morning around 6 amThis was the morning of my first 1/2 marathon, so I was understandably a little tense.  

Let's rewind to the night before real quick.  I laid out all my gear, attached my timing chip, pinned my bib, and packed a bag with water and bananas.  I went to bed early and of course couldn't sleep a wink with all of my excitement.

Back to the frigid, early November morning...  Shane and I arrived, parked, and made it to the race site with time to spare.  Somewhere in between the line for the porta-potties and my corral I realized I had forgotten my banana in the car!  

And I swear, at that moment, this girl walked by us with a bunch of bananas.  I kid you not. In that instant I felt banana envy for the first time in my life. 

And then I took a trip to melt down city.

Poor Shane had to deal with my little freak out.  I was sure that not eating my pre-run banana would have dire consequences.
I'd have no energy.
I would feel tired.  
My muscles would cramp up.  
I wouldn't be able to finish.
I'd be a failure.  

Thankfully Shane kept his cool and reminded me of all the hard work and training I had done to get there.  And he wondered aloud if my body would even be able to turn a banana into energy for the race.  I bought it and told myself the banana was pointless and it was a mental thing.  

Although I was still a little envious of banana bunch girl.   But whatever, I could run 13.1 miles with out no dang banana!
And I did.  And it felt awesome.

But I learned my lesson.  I don't want to experience banana envy ever again.  So now I always make sure to bring my bananas.  And Shane likes to remind me too...just in case.

Do you have any running/ race day routines that you stick to?

Have you ever had race day fiasco?