Runner's Motivation

I love getting mail. I'm like a little kid.  Although I have a slight aversion to walking down two flights of stairs to our apartment complex mailbox, so Shane checks it every night after work.  But still, I love the anticipation of Shane walking through the door with my goodies.  

What did I get?!

Most times it's bills.  Ick.  Our grocery store circulars. Fun!  Junk mail. Recycling bin.  AARP offers.  How old am I?

Then there are the days I am downright giddy.  

Packages of "love".  Best Gma ever<3 

Cards of any sort. Melt my heart.  
Mosby, Shane's dog at home, says hi!
 And of course, my magazines. 

In recent economic times I've had to scale back my magazine consumption.  But my Grandma (really, how wonderful is she?!) subscribed me to a couple of DIY/home magazines which are amazing for Shane, me and our little apartment.  

But there is one magazine that I renewed myself.  And that would be....Runner's World!  As Shane tosses me the current issue I feel a rush of emotions.  Excitement and joy, mingled with anxiety plus a big dash of motivation.  
It's here!
Let me break it down for you.  I love, love, love my Runner's World. No duh. They have interesting articles, great tips, motivating interview/profiles, and all the race ads make me want to win the lottery and spend my life running races around the country.    

But I feel anxiety because I always am left feeling like there are so many workouts I need to include in my week and I don't know how to fit them in.  I want to incorporate hills, speed, distance, strength training, and cross training.  But it all feels so overwhelming.
And I *try* and incorporate them, but I do it my own way because....
Running workouts confuse me!  Take this benchmark workout for a 1/2 marathon: 10 to 15 x 1000 meters at race pace with 60 seconds recovery  (Runner's World April 2011 issue).  I don't know my exact race pace!  Do I need to go find a track?  I'm gonna loose track counting 10 to 15 times on a track!

I've come a long way since my early days of running.  I used a cell phone to keep track of how long I ran for and ran the same loop over and over in a park which I guesstimated was about a mile.  Not the most accurate of methods. 

Nowadays I have a basic watch to keep track of time, and log my mileage on DailyMile.com, which gives me an idea of my pacing.  I also use the treadmill to work in basic speed intervals, and I've just started incorporating hilly workouts.

I really want to take my running to the next level.  I want to rock my hilly half marathon in April.   need to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I don't want to be content with an average run. 

After reading this months issue, I may feel a little overwhelmed, but I'm motivated.  And just from writing this blog post, I've come to the realization that I don't need to take every piece of information and use it.  It's important to have the knowledge, but I can take what I need, which doesn't make me any less of a runner.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the information you read about running? 
Do you run according to how you feel or have a strict schedule, incorporating a variety of workouts?


  1. I dont read fitness magazines, although I hear good ideas on blogs and often forget about them..oops! I run/workout according to how I feel, although I try to get in at least two interval workouts and 2 lifting sessions a week.

    The spirulina is just in my protein powder, so yeah I guess you can add it to anything! Oats, smoothies, etc. Its good :)

  2. i heart runners world too! So I totally feel you being overwhelmed with the different types of workouts. There is actually an article i think in January 2011 or December 2010 runner's world about making your training week 10 days because its impossible to fit everything in to 7.

  3. I don't read much about running because I like to freestyle it- but that's so cool how the articles motivate you! I think those structured workouts intimidate me somewhat. Hope you rock the half!

  4. Your grandma rocks! lol

    That's one reason why I don't do alot of speedwork/tempos/etc. I prefer to use running as my time to stop thinking and zone. Sure, I may not be as fast as I could be... but I do enjoy myself! :)

  5. Well, I don't run, so I can't answer that question specifically...but I DEFINITELY feel overwhelmed by the health books that I read. I love to learn, but I tend to get a bit obsessed about the topic that I'm interested in. And then I overload my brain. (LOVE that FarSide cartoon, BTW!)