Time to Get Muddy!

Going into the mud run I only had two expectations: have fun and get muddy!  Those expectations were met, and I learned a couple other things along the way. 

Race day always begins with a PB and nanner sandwich.  Today I added an extra oomph...
chia seeds!

No matter the distance, 5k or marathon, I always bring a banana and eat it at the race site about 30-45 minutes before running.  Funny story about that...

Duct tape is key at a mud run.  Not only do you look hardcore, it really keeps your sneaks on your feet while your trudging through the mud.

Thankfully the race organizers realized not everyone would be in on this little secret, so they had a Duct Tape Station, complete with volunteers to duct tape our shoes for us!

 Look tough in a few pictures.  This is a mud run after all.

 If you see them using a hose to wet down the course, realize they will be using that hose to wet you down as well.

 Remember to take a mud free picture!

 Wear shorts or running tights, that are super tight.  I wore old, flared yoga capris because I didn't want to ruin my newer running tights.  Can you tell in the picture below that they're down to my ankles instead of just below the knee?  Mud + water = heavy clothes, so...
less is best and tight is right!

 While your waiting in line for someone to take your bib timer, don't even look at the clock.  It's a mud run, not race (at least this was my mentality).  I had way more fun taking my time and laughing about the obstacles with friends, than trying to push my way through the the other runners. 

 Be proud of your accomplishment!  A mud run is so different from straight up running.  Climbing through never ending mud pits, crawling through tunnels, scaling a slippery hill with a rope, and getting blasted with a hose engages way more muscles than a normal run!


  1. that's awesome. I'm running warrior dash in June, so I can't wait, its the same principle, maybe a little less muddy. I'll have to try the duct tape thing!

  2. Congrats on your run! Looks very fun...and very muddy. I love that you make a pb&b sandwich with 2 layers of pb. A girl after my own heart.

  3. that looks pretty bada** (and insane). Love the duct tape lol

  4. That looks so fun! I did a mud run last summer and loooved it. Thanks for the heads up on the Henrys pb sale!! Im going on friday so if its still on sale, I may be doing some damage :)

  5. ha ha... that's awesome! My friend and I are thinking of doing a warrior dash. Not quite as dirty, but I'm into getting a different challenge out of a race.

  6. Huh...I thought I commented on this, but I don't see what I wrote. Oh well, I'll try again. I LOVE that last muddy picture of you...is it a finishing picture? You should frame that one!

    (and I totally want half of your sandwich)

  7. Stephanie, I see what you wrote!! I have to have PB on both sides of the sandwich; it just doesn't feel complete without it!

    And yea, I felt pretty hardcore with the duct taped shoes!!