Fashionably Late

I'm only a whole day late to the WIAW party.  I like to make an entrance, what can I say?

Wednesday started out with a great 9 mile run.  I wasn't really planning on it since I had just done 9 on Monday, however I switched it up from my usual music to podcasts.  And this podcast got me going; I had frustration and anger pulsing through my body.  I felt that I had to keep running or I wouldn't know what to do with all the emotions. Tears mingled with sweat streaked my face.  Mazzy's story, along with countless other hens, filled my heart with sorrow.

I've listened to many podcasts on these topics, however this is a beautifully written narrative of one woman's experience visiting two "free-range" egg facilities that I feel I should share.  You can check it out here if you'd like.  For more podcasts you can visit Vegetarian Food For Thought**I'm not trying to convert people to be vegetarian or vegan, however I feel it is important for all of us to hear the information that is out there and to make educated decisions about our own food choices**

After my run I was drained, and the only thing I wanted was a cold, filling, breakfast smoothie.

 After bfast it was time to say goodbye to Natalie's butterflies!

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I spent a good portion of my morning hooked on TLC.  How can I resist A Baby Story and Four Weddings?  It's almost impossible I tell ya!

Lunch was quite delicious.

  1/2 cup bulgar with cilantro/black bean pesto
1/2 cucumber
chick peas
black beans
nooch sprinkled on top

After a very productive morning (I wish) I headed to work, and brought along this delicious bar since I knew I'd be ravenous on my way home.

Is that bar from England?  Why yes it is!  I'll do a full post on all the goodies I received in the Foodie Blog Swap with Freya tomorrow!

I can't stand to waste food, and the other night Shane and his parents got Chinese take-out, and there was a lot of white rice in the fridge.  So I used it! 

Ate a handful of these while prepping din.  Then it was finally ready!!

white rice
baked tofu and zucchini, marinated in this:

nom, nom, nom

Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday, and uh, Thursday!  

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