Say What?!

A long time ago, when I didn't know what a "healthy living blog" was, when I thought eating a Lean Cuisine was the best choice for my body, when I believed vegetarians and vegans were a little...weird, way back when I couldn't pronounce quinoa (KEEN-wah), if you asked me to try **insert random foodie superfood here** I would have tilted my head, raised my eyebrows and said, "Say what?!"

Seriously, the thought of tofu, chia seeds, green smoothies, kale and other somewhat intimidating vegetables used to puzzle and kind of scare me. 1) WHAT is that? 2) WHY would I want to eat that? 3) WHO has the time to prepare that? 4) SAY WHAT?!

When I first started to blog I had been vegetarian for about a year, but I still had (and have) a lot to learn!  Reading blogs and starting my own blog helped introduce many new and exciting nutrient packed, delicious foods into my diet that had once made me wee bit squeamish. 

I've learned that there are healthy meal options beyond  steamed broccoli with a side of brown rice.  Once I got over my fear of new foods and began researching through blogs, cookbooks, and trial and error, my food repertoire expanded so much!  And my taste buds are happier than ever.

I originally set out to do a weekly post, spotlighting a new vegetable each week.  But life got in the way and I never made it a priority.  But the idea has re-emerged and instead of just veggies, as I use my fave ingredients I'll post about them in my Say What?! Series.   I think it will be fun to share my experiences using these new ingredients and showcase favorites that bring me to foodie bliss.  And since blogging is a conversation I am so so sooo excited to learn about all of YOUR ideas, recipes, tips, and experiences using different ingredients. 

Now I need to ask, what foods do you want to see featured? 

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