Picniking is Fun

Hi chick-a-dee's!!  I have been super duper busy, hence the lack of posting.  There are exciting things happening in my life, and I'm soooooo close to finally beginning my career!!!  I won't say anything else yet because I don't want to jinx it...

I can talk about how excited I was to bust out the KitchenAid Mixer and finally bake some cupcakes!

I made vegan vanilla softball cupcakes with a vanilla "buttercream" and my new favorite vegan Cookies 'n' Cream cupcakes!  They are boyfriend, softball team, and family approved; no one could tell they were "vegan". 

*Note: For Cookies 'n' Cream I followed the chocolate cupcake recipe, however I used the Vanilla recipe measurements for baking soda, baking powder, and corn starch.*

The best part of baking vegan cupcakes? You can lick the mixer and not worry about salmonella!

 I made an unexpected trip up to my Mom's house in north jersey and got to spend some quality time with my sis and one of my brothers (we missed you Nick!).  We had dinner at Wild Greens in Westfield and it was super cute!

They have soup and sandwiches, but Alli and I opted for the create your own salad.  The options are AWESOME and they go beyond your typical cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.  I'm talking jicama, beets, asparagus, smoked tofu, and a variety of greens!  And the dressings, oh the dressings.  I got the spicy thai and Alli got a delicious basil-y dressing, mm mm good!

All the chairs are made from recycled material, and they were all about finding sustainable ways to run their business.  

Westfield is a lovely little town to stroll around.  And Matthew enjoyed taking pictures.

Let's see, Matt and I spent a really long time playing catch.  That boy has got an arm!!  We attempted to cool off with some Italian Ice.  It didn't really work, but it sure was delicious! I also tried a Tofutti "Ice Cream" sandwich for the first time.  AMAZING! After giving up ice cream, I was really sad because ice cream sandwiches are my fave.  Sad no more!

 Can you tell I just found Picnik and am having way too much fun? I'm newly obsessed.

I swear I've been up to more, but I don't feel like making more collages!  I'll be on a more regular schedule this week, I promise!

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