It's WIAW Time

 Whoa, I haven't been to a WIAW party in a couple weeks!

I've been feeling really fatigued lately and have been plagued with headaches.  Seriously annoying and definitely showing in my weekly mileage!  Next week I start my MARATHON TRAINING plan :)  Since I'm not officially signed up yet (need a real job yo!) I haven't mentioned it, but I will tell you all about it in an upcoming post!!!!!!!!!!!!! <~~~ can you tell I'm SO excited?

I started my morning off with some K-Cup Coffee Shop coffee, NuNatural Stevia (new fave) and some vanilla almond milk.


As I dilly dallied around instead of just going for a run, I realized I would need some type of fuel and that it was getting hotter and hotter out, wah!


Enter pre-run nanner.  Like my neon orange shirt from Target?!  I'm in love, and not only because it's super cute.  It doesn't have that annoying built in bra, which usually I don't mind but for me it serves no purpose.  Instead, on long runs it chafes and I have a faint scar from a 12-miler to prove it!  And can we get real for a minute?   It's not like I actually need the extra support, the girls are pretty self sufficient.   

Anywho, the first mile was r o u g h !  I couldn't find my ipod charger so I couldn't download new podcasts and was forced to listen to music.  Does anyone else just get in the mood to listen to something specific on their run and if you can't, it kinda just throws you off? Then one of my ear buds blew out so I had music in one ear.  There was a house fire (terrible and I hope everyone is okay!) but my route was thrown for a loop, literally.  My back and shoulders were achy!  And of course I had a faint headache.

Enough complaining for one post!  After a while I found my groove, a slow groove, but I found it none the less!  And I did 6.85 miles.  At about 2 miles I thought I should turn around because I wasn't feeling my best.  But guess what?!  We won't always feel our best on race day.  So I pushed through and I think this run helped me realize that I can be strong mentally!  Very important for running, which is a big part mental strength!

When I got back it was a little past 11 so I ate a simple b-fast.

other 1/2 of morning coffee
1/2 c. oatmeal

1 heaping TBSP Chunky PB
1 TBSP raw cacao brazil nut bliss from my English goodies

Shane and I headed to the lake to get some sun and swim.  There's a diving board in the middle of the lake and I feel like a little kid every time I jump off!  So much fun!  When we got back I was starved and made myself a simple, quick, and satisfying lunch.


2 slices whole wheat toast
creamy roasted red pepper spread

sliced Jersey tomato
1/2 can chick peas + nooch
carrot sticks
strawberries + grapes


Time out.  Let me tell you about the Whole Foods Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Dressing, which I've been using as a spread on my sandwiches.

tofu, red peppers, soy milk, onion, cilantro, green onion, parsley, dill, garlic, dijon mustard, black pepper.  I love how although I don't really eat dairy anymore, I can still enjoy creamy dressings!  This has led to a bit of a ...

Before our softball game I wanted a light snack to keep my energy levels up.  At first I reached for these....but they have a sneaky ingredient hidden in them.


Why in the world is there gelatin in these peanuts?  Do ground up hooves really add to their flavor?  Now that I'm more conscious about reading labels, I find it disturbing how many animal products are used in most main stream brands.  You'd think dry roasted peanuts would have simple ingredients...not so much.

Instead I ate an apple, which was delicious and has one ingredient!

  Right after softball Shane and I headed into Philly for a much needed hair cut, so I packed dinner.  Please don't make fun of me.  I was in a rush and didn't have anything fresh or pre-made.  So I made a...let's call it a bean salad ::wink, wink::

1/2 can canellini beans
frozen peas

nooch + black pepper
surprisingly yummy and satisfying
And of course I made some mini cookies and cream cupcakes which I took to the game and to Philly, so Shane and I each had one in the car.  Yum!  

I finished my night with a hair cut.  I think this is the shortest my hair has ever been!

Have a great Thursday :)

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