Ello Govna!

I'm feeling so British right now.
I've never been to England.  I've actually never been to any country across the Atlantic.  However I did receive a package from England the other day.

Royal mail.  Yes, royal

Jemma over at Celery and Cupcakes set up an amazing
Foodie Blog Swap!

I was paired up with the super fun and gorgeous Freya from Brit Chick Runs.  
She sent me a bunch of amazingly delicious English goodies.  Let's take a looksie, shall we?

Cacao Brazil Nut Bliss.  They got the bliss part down, am I right?!  I have yet to try it, but it looks heavenly and I am so looking forward to it!

Look at all these bars!
I already had the nakd Cocoa Mint and boy was it yummm!
 I tried to zoom in, but it wouldn't let me focus.  So let me share what the Trek Cocoa Brownie bar says on the back:

"Cheerfully Made in Wales"
"Best before: (a friend nicks it!) See side of pack"
How cute!

And I got a really sweet letter.  Freya thought she'd send a healthy cupcake, but then thought it might not travel well  ::wink, wink::

Thank you so much Freya!!  I love all the goodies you sent!!  And I had a blast shopping for you!

I got almost everything at Whole Paycheck, but made a stop at my favorite, Target, as well.
  I was so nervous and was overly detail oriented while filling out the customs form.  My worst fear was for customs to open up the package and ruin my goodies/return them!  But after a ridiculously long time at the Post Office it was officially sent out!  Thumbs up for that!

The Foodie Blog Swap was a great success and I hope to participate in another one sometime in the future!  Thanks Jemma and Freya!!!

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  1. Awh I'm so glad you liked everything!! I've already had a sachet of Amazing Grass, and it's the oreo's turn to get demolished tonight :-p