The Shred: Day 1

Good morning Jillian, I'm ready for my butt kicking now.

Today was my first time ever doing a Jillian Michael's workout and I'll admit I was nervous.  But I got 'er done and it wasn't too bad!  

This morning I learned that my arms are sort of wimpy.  By the end of the 30 days I want to be able to do real push-ups.  

After my quick 20 minute workout, I started to think about breakfast, mmmm. 

I recently began starting my mornings with lemon water.  I just heat a cup of water with lemon in the microwave like I would do with tea, and drink that before I eat anything.  

I'm trying to cut back on coffee consumption because I don't like the idea of being dependent on a cup o' joe  to get me through my day, and I felt like I was heading in that direction.

After some lemon water I had oats in a jar.  I loveeee when I hit the end of a nut butter jar and get to have oatmeal in it.  Shane has accidentally thrown away some jars before I could get to them...I don't think he'll do it again any time soon ;)

ps sorry for the lack of pictures this morning, I don't know what I was thinking


Here's a breakdown of my lunchbox
11 am snack- orange
1:30 lunch- spinach/mixed greens salad with quinoa/millet, sunflower seeds, nooch, baby carrots, crushed red pepper flakes and some walnut oil drizzled on top + slow cooker ugly yet yummy 7 bean & barley soup
4 pm snack- apple
quinoa/millet simmered in veggie broth and sauteed mushrooms

A little bit of this because I was baking something for our Italian potluck at work tomorrow!

And I got something special in the mail for my birthday, I shed some light on that this week as well =)



  1. OHH I love that DVD! I never could do pushups before that DVD either! Once you're done with that dvd try the burn fat boot metabolism, its like the 30 day shred but more intense and for 45 mins!


  2. 45 minutes of Jillian?! I'm shakin in my sneakers ;)