The Shred: Day 3

I slept in again!  So I had to rush the gym, and all I wanted to do was a quick run on the treadmill.  Well, the row of treadmills that I like to run on were filled up (boo going later) so I went to the first row, set up my stuff, and pressed quick start.  Nothing.  Actually, Error21, but it doesn't matter.  

So I collect my things, and as I'm about to step onto the treadmill next to me, in swoops some guy.  Okay, no biggie, I walk to the last row with these big, old treadmills.  I start pressing buttons.  Nothing.  The middle row is in my eye sight and someone steps off, I quickly walk over but they left a water bottle so I'm sort of wavering between just hopping on and not.  

I walk back to the old treadmills, determined to get my run on.  A few seconds pass by and another treadmill opens up!  I speed walk over and finally get to start my run. 

People must have thought I was crazy walking all around the machines.  I guess I learned my lesson, no more hitting the snooze!

1/3 c. oats
cocoa powder
spoonful nutella
nutella biscotti crumbles

Lunch Box
11: apple + biscotti
1:30: salad- spinach, quinoa/millet, sunflower seeds, craisins, walnut oil
curried carrot soup
3: someone brought in m&m's!  dixie cup of peanut and regular
6: more m&m's!

Got home and did Day 3 of The Shred.  My arms are seriously sore!  If you've done The Shred, do you do it every day?  Can I move up to Level 2 whenever?  

Did I mention my arms are sore?

7:00 Dinner
bow ties in vodka sauce
roasted sweet potatoes and ketchup

Tomorrow is Friday, woo hoo!

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