Partay Animal

I went out on a school night...GASP!

No, I didn't just randomly decide to go have a big, juicy, burger. I'm a veggie head, aka vegetarian, remember?

Now I'm not one to go out on a school night and my reasons for not doing so are endless.

But I need my beauty rest.
I'll be cranky tomorrow.
I have TV shows to watch.
And blogs to read.
Who will play with the kitties?


You get the idea.  I get home, Shane and I eat some din, and we put our butts on the couch until bedtime at 9:30.   
 Partay animals.

But the other night was the exception.  My cousin, from NJ, was here in San Diego!  Of course I had to meet up with him and catch up.  I love my couch and all, but this was more important. Family > Couch...it's simple math!

Bare Back Grill in Pacific Beach touts 100% organic beef and organic, locally farmed fresh veggies. 

 It was a yummy good time!

There are no pictures.  I didn't want to be a  weirdo.

I had the Pattie M Melt (veggie burger): swiss cheese, grilled onion and pepper relish, with homemade 1000 island dressing served on toasted rye bread.  

I highly recommend this place and am definitely bringing Shane back so he can eat these burgers in all their beefy glory.


  1. The couch looks fluffy! lol. Couches and great company are awesome, it can't really get any better than that :)

  2. That soup looks delicious! I've never made carrot soup before...I think I'm going to try it.