Isn't Your Birthday in January?

Yes it is.  And I know this is late... 

Like super late.  

obnoxiously late.

But I had a fabulous birthday, way back on January 29th and thought I'd finally share some pictures!
Full outfit shot...I just had to

Our table at Kaminkski's.  It was my work holiday party!
Preparing for SHAKEY FACE
 Birthday girls!!  Love that we both went with bright coral dresses

Good times :)


  1. i love the color of your dress so cute!

  2. I didn't have my camera on my bday and I know it will take my sister forever to get her pix to me so my birthday post is going to be late too! Is this Kaminskis on Poway Road? I drive by it a lot but have never been.

  3. LOVE your dress! Coral is my accidental favourite colour. I didn't even realize how much I loved it until I got home from a shopping trip and realized that every shirt I'd bought was coral.

  4. Thanks girls! The dress is from my fave store ever...Target!!!

    And Kaminskis is on Poway Road! It was pretty fun...bar and live band :)

  5. love love the outfit. Target is my go to store too :-)