Magazines and Beans

Wow.  I LOVE having Monday off.  It makes the rest of the week so much better.  

It is Wednesday already people!  Right now I'm on my break sipping a tall iced coffee with soy in Starbucks so I can get this post up in a timely manner.  Who wants to read about a Wednesday on a Thursday? *Edit: it is now 9 pm since my break is not long enough!*

So last night Shane went out to see some friends play in a show.  He would be getting home wayyy past my bedtime, so I opted to stay cozy in my PJs with some magazines to keep me company. 

 Magazine overload!

I absolutely love reading magazines but sometimes feel overwhelmed with the style, fitness, and nutrition ideas I want to use.  In college I started ripping out articles and pictures and putting them in a  notebook.  It has now evolved into 3 notebooks: fashion, food, fitness.

Ohhhh, college.  I guess I didn't take a lot of notes.  These bad boys have plenty of pages left.
 I love having the articles I find relevant at my fingertips.  And I don't feel bad about recycling my old magazines since I've taken what I want from them!

Daisy and Princess agree!

I'm sort of sad, since I just received my last issues of Glamour and Lucky.  But one of my resolutions is to budget so I picked one magazine to renew.  Runner's World!  And I got a free subscription of Women's Health with it.  Two for one, heck yea!

And although this has absolutely nothing to do with magazines, it needs to be mentioned.  Shane makes the best black bean burgers!  We had them for dinner and omgeeeee, so good!  I will get the recipe from him and post it because you need to make them.  And he is a carnivore and loves them so yeah, they're winners.

Do you read magazines?  Which do you subscribe to?  Are you cutting back magazine consumption in 2011?

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