Not Your Ordinary Day

I should have known there would be nothing ordinary about today.

This morning all I wanted in the world was PB&J.  But we were out of bread, so I had to improvise.  I used half a flour tortilla and made some PB sushi rolls with blueberry jelly on the side. 
Not your ordinary breakfast.

It's January 21st and I look outside to see sunshine and palm trees.  Weather.com says it's 71 degrees and sunny, perfection in my book.  Do I really live here?  This is what I'm wearing as i write this post from Starbucks.
 Not your ordinary January.

This sunny Saturday wouldn't be complete without a run.  It started out innocently enough. 
 Throw on some sneaks and a tank.  Add some sunscreen, grab my ipod and I'm out the door.

My apartment complex is situated on a hill.  So I almost always start by running up hill to get it out of the way and have a downhill to look forward to at the end.  

As I'm running up the hill I see a little girl, maybe about 5 or 6 on a bike riding towards me, her mom at a slow jog behind her.  However the gap between mom and daughter continues to become greater and although I'm in the running zone, I notice something is not right.  The mom starts to pick up her pace and I start to wave my arms in a "Should I stop her?" motion.  I get in front of the bike barreling towards me to slow her down.  

It was so scary, since the little girl had on no helmet, but the Mom was panicking trying to catch up with her and I'm guessing the little girl didn't know how to use the brakes downhill.  Freaked me out!!!!  But thankfully the Mom got to the little girl and stopped her.  The little girl started to cry and you could tell she had been scared by going to fast down the hill.  

My heart rate was up, to say the least.  But I continued on my way, thinking my run couldn't get any crazier.  I'm running, running, running; la di da di da.  Up ahead I see a hill which I despise, yet am determined to run straight through without taking a walking break.  It's going, going, going, until I hear barking.  Then see a little white blur run out from the bushes towards me.

Oh my goodness, I'm getting attacked by a dog!!!!!  Luckily it was just a bichon or similar breed who looked a little like this.  

He may have been small but was barking up a storm, circling me, and nipping at my toes.  I had to stop since I didn't want him to continue to chase me.  His owner ran over and apologetically picked up the little furball so I could continue on.  Apparently he likes to chase things that run...

I snapped this picture so you could see the monster hill I'm talking about.  
 Yea, it's so steep it drops and you can't even see it.  I'll run it straight through next time!

When I got home I was thankful to have made it.  

It was not your ordinary run.

I was famished when I walked in the door, so food was top priority.  I'm  on a purple smoothie kick.
Almond milk, flax meal, spinach, chopped pear, frozen blackberries & frozen bluberries

Plus a kinda kooky salad.  
 Spinach, chick peas, nooch, baked sweet potato and ketchup!! Not your ordinary salad.

Today was just not your ordinary day.

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