Feels Like June

I hope everyone is having a lovely 3 day weekend so far. 

I had a great Saturday!  With weather like this, what's not to be happy about?
Picture from 10News.com

 The weather was so amazing that I headed out for a nice run around Lake Murray.
Oh yes, I am rockin' the all black ninja look.
I think I was over dressed though.  I was so hot, I needed some shorts and a some lighter colors!  I swear, I had to keep reminding myself that it was January, not June.  The lake was busy with walkers, runners, and bikers, and everywhere I turned I saw shorts and tank tops.  CRAZY!

I haven't ran outside in about a month and it felt so wonderful.  Since I squeeze my work outs in before the sun comes up, I've been relying on the treadmill.  The treadmill is okay, but running outside is where it's at!  After I returned from a glorious 5 1/2 mile run, I was ready for some lunch!

Enter humongo salad topped with leftover goodies, sunflower seeds, honey mustard, and baby carrots with a side of baked sweet potatoes and tofu smothered in ketchup. 

Does anyone else ever crave salads?  I LOVE salad, but not wimpy salads.  I'm talking loaded up on veggies, nuts, and seeds so they really fill you up.  What's your favorite salad? My salads tend to be made of romaine and/or spinach topped with leftovers, whatever veggies I have in the house, seeds, and dressing.  EVOO is my go to dressing but I splurged and bought Cardini's Honey Mustard dressing which is pretty good.  But I think it would be fun to plan a yummy salad.

After some cleaning I took a long nap.  All of my students are coughing and I'm starting to feel congestion in my lungs.  BTdubbs, my students are 3-6 years old, so you KNOW they are not properly blowing noses, covering coughs, washing hands, no matter the amount of demonstrations you give!!  

I'm trying to eat an orange a day to ward off this cold, but I ran out today!  Looks like I'll be heading to the store tomorrow :)

Anyone have any big plans for tonight?  My big plans  are to eat din,  Netflix a movie, and cuddle on the couch.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Am I right?

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