OB, Oh Yea

 Yesterday started out like any other Sunday morning.  We whipped up some bfast and contemplated what to do for the day.  Shane was working on a guitar, but I needed something to do!

As I was finishing up my coffee I got a call.  Sara, who I randomly met at the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and now one of my SD bff's, asked if I wanted to go to OB.  Ocean Beach, known as OB to the locals, is a cute, hippie, beach town with lots to offer.  Of course I said yes!
See all the volleyball nets in the distance?
Tall palm trees
Perfect beach weather!

Exploring the tide pools
There is so much life in the shallow pools of water.
We walked down the main street and checked out some local shops.

All that walking made us hungry and thirsty!
 Pizza Port, a Cali pizza place known for its "tasty grub and grog", sounded like the perfect choice.  Pizza Port has 4 locations in SoCal beach towns and each brews their own beer as well as carrying dozens of craft beers from breweries around San Diego.

I went with the Honey Blonde Ale.  I don't know much about beer, but it was refreshingly light with a hint of sweetness.  Perfection in my book.

Instead of going for single slices, Sara and I decided to split a small pizza.  It was just enough and I took a slice home for lunch today.  We went with the Carlsbad Pizza: pesto, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and feta.  

As a born and raised Jersey girl, I've had some good pizza.  With that being said, Pizza Port was delicious!  And with its cool, relaxed, vibe I definitely recommend it if your ever in OB.

So long OB. Until next time =)


  1. so.jealous. about the beach. I was so excited today when it hit 35F. Sigh.

  2. ps: Tag, you're it! I picked your for stylish blogger here: http://www.flexitalliean.com/2011/01/wipeout.html

  3. It's so funny. I like cinnamon, but never think to add it to stuff. Seriously- I have oatmeal almost everyday. How does it not happen at least every once in a while?

  4. I kinda hate to admit that I still haven't tried Pizza Port! This looks delicious :D

  5. Ah, you have to! All the pizzas sound so good, I wanna go back and try another one!