Happy Friday!  TGI(my birthday weekend)F =)

Wednesday night I got a box of funfetti mix and a jar of frosting for the kiddos, since that's what they usually have I figured I couldn't go wrong.  I then baked up some vegan funfetti cupcakes for the grownups.  

I'm not a vegan, but for some reason I've had the urge to try and bake vegan goodies, like these cinnamon rolls.  Maybe I'm going through a rebellious baking stage?

Shane and I had a vegan vs. box taste test.  He said they tasted the same!
I noticed the vegan version was more dense and moist.  Also, it didn't rise as much as the box version.  Many of the recipes I found online were adaptations from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  Lucky for me, Angela over at Oh She Glows posted her adaptation recipe and I felt confident using it.

Last night I attempted to make some homemade frosting.  My first batch was just weird.  I don't know if it was the Earth Balance or something else but it tasted off.  I was going for a traditional vanilla butter cream but it was funky tasting.

I don't think frosting and I get along.  I love to eat it, but I can't quite seem to make my own. 

After that debacle I frosted the 48 mini boxed funfetti cupcakes with store bought frosting but was having a dilemma about my vegan cupcakes.  During my cupcake research fest I had stumbled upon an avacado "buttercream" frosting.

Did I dare?  ...It's my birthday and I do what I want!  And the cupcake liners were blue and green so avacado green frosting would look cute.

I did a lot of baking/frosting last night.  Hence, this is what my sink looked like as I got into bed.

It's okay though, I love baking cupcakes!

 I hope everyone enjoys the vegan cupcakes.  I only frosted a handful with the avacado butter cream and did the rest with store bought frosting.

Do you bake co-workers and friends treats?  Do you "healthify" or "veganize" recipes that you share with others?   


  1. Look at you making cupcakes for everyone on your birthday! I'm sure your co-workers will love it.

    I do bake and bring in stuff for my co-workers mostly because I like making lots of desserts and don't need to eat all of them :)

  2. So far I've gotten great reviews on the avacado "buttercream" frosting...phew!

  3. mmnomnom those look so good. Happy birthday weekend! My 25th is in ~2.5 wks. I always bake for occasions, which at this point in my life is the last day of a rotation for me. I brought in nutella bars for my medicine team yesterday as it was my last day at that hospital. I love when people compliment and then you tell them, "BTW, there's no oil, butter, or milk in this, and low sugar" and they're amazed!

  4. Woo hoo for 25!

    And it does feel good to be proud of the baked goodies you bring in!

  5. Hope you enjoyed your first birthday in San Diego!! Last weekend was great weather! I'm lactose intolerant so I like vegan recipes and use Earth Balance too, honestly no one can tell the difference but I do feel wierd sometimes bringing in "healthy baked goods".


  6. Good to know I'm not the only one!!!

  7. And my birthday was fantastic!!! Seriously the weather here is ridiculous in a good way =)