I love my friends.


I know it's a pretty obvious statement to make, but I just wanted to throw it out there.  Like I told them yesterday, if it wasn't for them, or my wonderful family, I would most likely still be living in the palm tree wonderland of San Diego.  But the past few weekends I was able to get together with my BFFs "just because" and it was seriously fabulous to see their beautiful faces.  

We had great dinner at a cute little Mexican place in Freehold.  It was BYOB and Kerry made some fantastic sangria!  Good food, good people, good drinks.

This past weekend Shane and I hosted a little BBQ and lake party.

Thankfully the rain held out and we had a gorgeous day!

Shane was the ultimate grill master and made jalapeno/monteray jack & bacon/cheddar stuffed burgers.  All the meat eaters said they were the best burgers they ever had!

We had a wide array of delicious food and I made a salad from Jenna at Eat, Live, Run.

This salad was so light and fresh, the ultimate summer salad if I do say so myself!

I LOVE being close to my friends and I'm so happy I have got to see them the past few weekends.  Thanks girls, love you<3


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