Ketchup Time

When Shane and I moved in together, and we began grocery shopping together, he could not believe how much ketchup I go through.  Really, it's an insane amount.  I used to be a little embarrassed about my addiction to ketchup, but I've come to terms with my ridiculous consumption of this "vegetable".

And since we're on the subject of ketchup, I'm thinking now is an appropriate time to*ketch-you-up* with what's been going on in my life!  These next few posts I am dedicating to KETCHUP :)

Let's start with the insanely awesome L.E.I. Lounge in University Heights.  This place has atmosphere, amazing specialty drinks, and the food is made to perfection...no ketchup required.  

When Leslie, Nicole, and Jamie visited from NJ, like 10 million years ago, I knew I wanted to take them here!  It came highly recommended from my friend Sara, and what do you know; I had also scored a sweet Groupon for it!

Just a little FYI, parking is redonkulous, get there early!  This picture was taken as we were leaving, but I swear I parallel parked!

Leslie and I waiting for drinks!

While Leslie and Jamie opted for simple champagne and sangria, both still delicious, Nicole and I had try one of the MANY delicious looking specialty drinks.

Nicole ordered the Pineapple Coconut Mojito: rum, mint, lime, pineapple, coconut juice, simple syrup, topped with soda.

I went with the Hawaiian Mojito: hibiscus juice, rum, mint, simple syrup, lime, topped with a splash of champagne.  *ORDER THIS :)

Next up, the food!  Their dishes are meant to shared, so we each got to try a little of everything.  While I didn't indulge in the steak quesadilla or mini kobe burgers, I was told they rocked.

I have never tried ceviche before, but this ceviche with a twist was absolutely amazing! Coconut Ceviche: "a citrus style ceviche made with the chefs daily creation of fresh seafood marinated and served with a seasonal garnish".  Inside there was mango and shrimp, among other deliciousness.  And dipping with dried bananas was so good!

You can never go wrong with sweet potato fries!

Our waitress was super sweet and answered our bajillion questions.  She also recommended the Crab Mac & Cheese, which L.E.I. Lounge is known for.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Now let me get to the decor.  This cute lounge has modern and hip feel to it.

Posing in a cabana.

 When you walk in you are in a cozy little bar with warm lighting.  As you walk further back it opens up and you are outside.  Cabanas line the walls and tables with candles wrapped in flowers fill the middle.

Along the wall there are also some open booths with fire pits.

A staple in outdoor seating in San Diego...heat lamps.  You can eat outside year round.  Pretty rad.

So if you're ever in University Heights, get yourself to L.E.I. Lounge!!!


  1. that place looks SO fun. and I love sweet potato fries. YUM! have a wonderful Sunday!!

  2. LEI looks great...haven't been there...yet! I used to be in SD for work monthly but we closed down the store I used to visit down there, I miss that wonderful city!

  3. Nice, I live less than a mile away down Adams! :)

  4. those drinks look yum!! i'm a big ketchup fan! people make fun of me cause i use it for steak, like that makes me white trashy or something, but WHATEV.. i like ketchup with my steak and proud of it. haha