Bon Voyage

My last day of work was on Monday.  I know, kinda awkward.  Long story short, our car got picked up on Tuesday to get shipped back to NJ.  So the last day I could drive into work was Monday... 

It didn't hit me until I was driving home and realizing that was the last time I'd be driving that route.  Or driving in San Diego.  I was fine the whole day, but driving home I got a little emotional.

The administration, staff, and children that I'm leaving were amazing and I feel so lucky I got the chance to know them this year!  Room 3 made me this awesome hand print painting; doesn't it look like modern art?  Thanks Juli and Pierce!

Some of my cute cards; they made me feel so loved.

And SkinnyGirl Margarita from my girl Allison, which is fitting since we spent many a lunch break watching Bethenny Ever After.

Saturday I had a little BBQ down by the pool.  It was totally Melissa-fied with veggie burgers, spinach salad, grilled corn on the cob/asparagus, cherries, and mangoes.  Nicole and Greg provided the pasta salad and amazing cake from a little known bakery, Vons ;) And  Alvin  brought awesome Claim Jumper pie!!!  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! 

And aren't my flowers purdy?  Thanks Nicole and Greg! 

After some grilling, chatting, and drinking we headed out to meet up with Ildi, Jason and Angela at Wine Steals in Hillcrest.
Wine Steals has a great atmosphere and was the perfect spot for a chill night with friends. 

Enjoying some rather large glasses of wine.
Vino and cake?  Yes please!

Before closing time we managed to snap one group picture! 

Leaving the bar we noticed the trees even like to party in Hillcrest!  Or maybe that was the wine talking...

And a night out isn't complete without some late night eating. (I guess the cake wasn't enough...)  We headed to Denny's, oh yes, Denny's.  Along with a bunch of high school-ers after their prom since we're classy like that.

Whole wheat pancakes were the perfect way to end the night!  

Thanks for a great send off, I'll miss you guys!!!

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