oh hi, remember me?

Seriously, I feel like every other post lately has been a lame excuse about why I've been MIA!  

Well, I have been busy!  And Shane and I are about to make another life changing move.

But more on that later gators (promise).  I gotta get to work!  But I just wanted to say 'ello bloggy boos I am alive and well!  

Ohhh and I just joined Twitter and have nooo idea how it works!  Follow me/ be my friend @healthy_cupcake!!!  Seriously, I have no idea how it works...I need to do my homework.

And finally, since I'm planning a long run tomorrow morning...a work morning...because I have fun plans Saturday morning...here is a thought from I <3 running (LIKE them on Facebook, they are super motivating /funny):


  1. Life is busy and blogging really does take alot of time! I've found its better to not post than to give it half effort, so don't feel bad! I'm new on the twitter scene too, its a whole other world that I hardly knew existed! As if email, FB and blogs aren't enough to manage ;)

  2. Nice, I'm your first Twitter follower! :D I just recently joined myself, been having fun with it! haha

  3. Sara- Thanks for following! I need to get used to all the lingo!

    Cara- Social media overload! But it's so fun :)