Strawberry Fields Forever

Spring has sprung.  I know this because of the abundance of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries and you-name-it berries on supermarket shelves.

And these are not just any berries...these berries are IN SEASON! Strawberry fields don't last forever...well here in So Cal strawberries have a year round season, but the peak is 
April 30-June 30!

Which means I paid a mere .97 cents per package.

And would ya look at that? These strawberries only traveled about 40 minutes to my local grocery store!

.97 cent strawberries mean spring, but also...
No jelly, no problem.  PB & strawberry sandwich!

Banana strawberry soft serve with chocolate chips?  Yes please!

Strawberry-licious smoothies!

 Oh and let's not forget strawberry oatmeal bakes topped with more strawberries!

Spring  has also gotten me excited about another flavor.  Can you spot it sitting atop the oatmeal bake on the left?

 Oh yes I did!  Homemade coconut butter is scrumptious and super easy!
{ Process unsweetened shredded coconut  in a food processor until creamy} 
Ashley from the edible perspective has great tips here


Coconut makes me think of  tropical islands.  If I'm on a tropical island you best believe I'm on the beach with a drink in hand, preferably a mojito.


But alas, I can see palm trees from my window, but I don't have a drink in hand.
But there is a drink in my....

An awesome teacher friend brought these goodies into work!

Azucar is a little bakery in Ocean Beach that serves up Cuban inspired pastries, cakes, and cookies.

This my friends, is a mojito cookie.  Shane and I agree that we need to get to Azucar and get some more of these; delicioso!  Thanks Pierce!

 When you go to a bakery, or even out to eat, do you stick with what you love or try new things? When we go to Azucar, which we will, I'm tempted to get this cookie again!  I may have to get it along with something else!

What's your favorite way to eat fresh strawberries?  I like em plain, in smoothies, on/in oatmeal, yum!  I want to try some sort of strawberry cupcake!


  1. mojito cookie?? there are no words.

  2. i love strawberries so much, I've already made a strawberry black berry crumble, and a strawberry pie next up strawberry cake.

    my favorites salad is spinach, strawberries, sliced almonds, goat cheese, and raspberry vinagarette its delicious

  3. I always forget about fruit in salads, but that sounds soooo yummy!

  4. I love strawberries, I eat frozen ones a lot in our smoothies. I got burned twice last year with a bad pack of strawberries from that Carlsbad farm, and I hate to say that now I'm suspicious of their strawberries!! :P I think it was just too early in the season.

  5. I have had no problem so far, I'll make sure and inspect them a little more when I buy them now!