Barrio Star: Mexican Soul Food

I seriously love Groupon!  Thanks to Groupon, Shane and I got to try out this little gem in Banker's Hill. 

As you walk inside you're greeted by Mexican skulls.  Why hello there!

 And the Dia de los Muertos theme does not end there.  Hi Mexican skulls, I see you!

Don't mind the pictures, I am aware we both look like goobers.  I am posting these pictures because you can see the decor in the background.  It was intimate, eclectic and cheerful.  I was digging the vibe.

Now onto the menu!

The concept of Barrio Star is "fresh, creative takes on traditional Mexican food".  They try and use fresh, local, organic ingredients whenever possible.  It was hard to decided what to choose, but the Soy Chorizo Taco was calling my name, and it did not disappoint!  I am not the biggest fan of corn tortillas, but this tortilla was different.  It tasted fresh...maybe because,  "All tortillas are housemade from freshly ground corn. All salsas made from scratch".

And the soy chorizo was delectable. I sort of wanted to order more to take home, it was that good.  It came with an avocado sauce and salsa fresca, both simple yet flavorful.  Shane got the Carnitas Torta- carnitas, avacado, cheese, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato, chips and salsa and was equally impressed.

Some reviewers on Yelp complained that the portions were too small.  I enjoyed the smaller portion size and left the restaurant feeling satisfied, not overly stuffed.    Although it is a bit pricey {problem solved by use of Groupon} you have to remember that you're paying for fresh, local and organic ingredients.  I think it's worth the extra cash!

Bye for now Barrio Star; until the next Groupon!

2706 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92103

Breakfast & Lunch: 9am-3pm
Monday - Sunday
Dinner: 5pm-close Nightly



  1. CLEARLY this has my name written ALL OVER IT! :D I must go ASAP. thanks for sharing!