Family Time

Before moving to California, I guess you could say I took my family and friends for granted.  You can basically drive from the top of NJ to the bottom in about 4ish hours.  

It's not that big.
But with my fam in north Jersey, and friends spreading out all over NJ after college, I didn't always make the time for them.

 Before I left for Cali I met up with fam and friends who I hadn't seen in ages.  All because there was never time or they were "too far away".  When I left I questioned myself, why did it take moving 3,000 miles away to start making coffee dates to see the people I love?

Friendships take work.  And when I got back from Cali, a state so large it takes up most of the west coastline, I made a decision to make the effort.  The effort to drive to see family.  The effort to call up an old friend. The effort to get over my tiredness on a Friday night and be social.  

This weekend I went home and spent some quality time with my 9 year old brother and the rest of the fam.  
I had never been to this park, but we had a blast!

Matt and Dusty had fun exploring.  Matt even found a salamander, the highlight of our hike!

This place has a lot of history.

The American Studies major in me just loves it!  During the Revolutionary War, Washington used this rock to watch for the British; you can see as far as 30 miles out!

After we got home we enjoyed sugar cookies that had been baked with Grandma earlier!

Sure, it's not always fun driving 2 hours up the Turnpike...but it's worth it :)

Do you live close to your family?

Do you get to see your friends as often as you'd like?  

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