Back from a Break

My last post was August 25th, can you believe it?  I've been reading blogs but just haven't had the urge to update my own.  Sorry little bloggy!!!!  I have been keeping busy though!

I drove into Philly all by myself since Shane was working and navigated my way through an unfamiliar part of the city.  Anyone who knows me can attest to my terrible sense of direction and uncanny ability to ALWAYS get lost!  I of course did get lost in Philly, but thankfully made it to Aimee's SURPRISE party in one piece.

Delicious Italian food and plenty of vino was enjoyed by all.  I brought red velvet wine from Cupcake Winery, and it was heavenly.

In case you didn't notice, we survived Hurricane Irene.  {Feels like so long ago}

We headed to Allison and Nick's {love that they're now 5 minutes away!} for dinner, wine, lots of Storage Wars...and then the power went out.  So we enjoyed playing Clue by candlelight.

And of course this weekend Shane and I attended Christina and Chris's wedding!  She was such a gorgeous bride and it was such a great time.
Taste the rainbow :)
The weather was perfect.  And look at us, we look like pretty Skittles!
Allison got our table hooked on wine spritzers.
What a fabulous night with long lost Phi Sig loves!
Congrats and thank you Christina and Chris!!! 

Bloggers, do you sometimes just need a break from blog world too? When I'm feeling over whelmed in real life, the last thing I feel like doing is blogging!!

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