An Inspiring Experience

The Seed Experience is "two full days of vegan immersion"...and it truly is.  So many amazing vegan products to sample, from beauty care to Teese cheese.  (Oh my word, you haven't lived till you've had some teese nachos!)  There is vegan fashion, jewelery, demos, and did I mention the food? There are just so many vegan options out there and it is wonderful to see them gathered in one place.

Besides the a w e s o m e vegan food, there is so much to do at The Seed.  When I arrived, JL Fields of JL goes Vegan had just began her presentation, Blogging 2.0 - From Your Blog to Main Street: How to Expand your Vegan Activism.  So before making my way around for the food, I grabbed a seat in the back and quickly became enthralled in what she was saying.  Or more like asking...simple questions really.  But they got me thinking. What IS my blog's niche/voice?  It's kind of all over the place; running, yummy plant based food, random goings on in my life, oye!  

As you've probably noticed it's been a little bit since the last time I blogged.  A lot has happened in my life and I'm so excited to share it!  JL's talk seriously inspired me to start back up with blogging.  And as I move forward on my blogging journey I plan on refining my niche and truly find my voice.  

But all in good time. First, I want to tell you more about The Seed!

I got my THRIVE Foods book signed by Brendan Brazier!  If you haven't heard of Brendan you much click on the link.  He is an amazing plant based endurance athlete and creator of Vega, a completely vegan supplement line with only the highest quality ingredients.  I swear by my Vega!

His talk was so inspiring and jam packed with information on how to maximize your athletic potential on a plant based diet.  

I attended The Seed last year for the first time, and knew I had to come this year.  The food, speakers, information, demos, products and so many like minded people all in one place...looks like I'll be attending The Seed again in 2014!

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